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PTI Government Decides to Reshuffle Federal Cabinet

Prime Minister Imran Khan on April 18, 2019, reshuffled his cabinet. A couple of days ago the federal minister for Information and Broadcasting Mr. Fawad Chaudhry denied media reports claiming major cabinet reshuffle in a press conference as well as on twitter.

Riyast-e-Medina VS Riyast-e-New Zealand

Riyast-e-New Zealand On March 15, 2019, terrorist attacks in Christchurch were a devastating and tragic assault on New Zealand’s Muslim community and have shocked the nation as well as the entire western world to its core.This was the first incident in the history of...

Punjab Police Uniforms Tabdeeli

In light of a recent decision by the Punjab Government, Punjab police will again go through a change in Uniforms, this time wearing dark blue pants and light blue shirts instead of the Olive green, more like the Islamabad police. However, the question is, are uniform colors...

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