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9 Proven Ways to Look and Feel at Your Best

Our food and beverage choices are obviously important in terms of living a healthy lifestyle. People are moving beyond just diet and exercise to determine good health. In fact, healthy living today is a combination of both health and wellness.

In our eating and drinking behaviors, there are two distinct pillars, one is a functional pillar, it is about how our body needs nutrients to maintain a healthy lifestyle or negative things that we try to avoid. For example, 56% of consumers demand more proteins in their diet and the number one thing they are trying to avoid is sugar.

Beyond that, we also understand that we need to enjoy our lives, so look to embrace what we can call a feel-good pillar. Things that are more indulgent or the things we enjoy as a means to have a fulfilled life. Today we decided to help you with your overall health and how you can achieve your goals and look and feel at your best of best.

1. Forget age keep driving forward

old happy woman enjoying forget about age - healthy lifestyle

You’re only as old as you feel – so forget about the actual number. Many of us take better care of ourselves in middle age than any previous generation has before, which can lead to age reversal.
“There are two types of age,” explains nutritionist Dr. Amina Afridi. “One is chronological age, i.e. your birthday age; and the other is biological age, which can be calculated by measuring the length of a part of your individual DNA called telomeres.”
The longer these are, the younger your biological age. So, if you follow a healthy lifestyle – eating well, exercising regularly and enjoying life – your biological age may very well be younger than your chronological age! Companies like DDC (dnacenter.com) offer DNA testing, which can tell you things like what your skin needs.

2. Enjoy carbohydrates get thicker hair!

list of protein rich food - healthy lifestyle

A balanced eating plan will help to support healthy hair growth. “In terms of what we eat, our hair is the last to receive nutrients we consume,” says trichologist Seema “Hair cells are the second fastest growing cells that the body produces, meaning their energy needs are great. But carbohydrates may be the answer.
Add a helping to every meal, but keep your portions modest,” Seema suggests. Excellent sources include brown rice, wholewheat pasta, and bread, potatoes and oats. Do include protein, too – fish, shellfish, eggs, lean meat, poultry, quinoa, low-fat cottage cheese, nuts and tofu – and include at least a palm-sized portion of it with both your breakfast and lunch.

3. Eat to beat inflammation

woman suffering from pain in neck inflammation - healthy lifestyle

Acute inflammation is the body’s natural response to injury and illness. Chronic inflammation, however, harms healthy cells over time and is increased by factors like obesity, smoking, excessive alcohol intake, and pollution.
It can result in fatigue and joint pain and has also been linked to Alzheimer’s. Making smart food choices can help keep it in check, so make antioxidant-rich foods a priority, as they ease inflammation. Good choices are spinach, aubergine, pineapple, ginger, celery, and green tea.

4. Try doing something novel

Woman reading a book hobby - healthy lifestyle

Stimulate your creativity and imagination by trying something completely new. Why not try out trampolining as a great way to exercise and have fun, learn to play a new instrument, or take a life drawing class?
Studies show that when you tap into your creativity, stress levels reduce and you experience fewer symptoms of depression.
“Being creative allows us to express and process our emotions, tap into our childhood sense of exploration and wonder, and focus on the moment,” points out Seema.
Think of it as the perfect antidote to modern living. “Challenging our brains beyond what they’re used to gives both brain power and social relationships a boost.
As we get older, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. There may be a sport or craft we have never quite got round to trying.” To find groups or local spots offering an activity you’re interested in, search Facebook.

5. Meditate for your heart

woman doing yoga outside meditation for heart - healthy lifestyle

A 2007 study review suggests that Transcendental Meditation (TM) may lower your blood pressure. Researchers found that TM.
A technique in which you silently concentrate on a mantra, phrase, or word can reduce blood pressure readings by amounts that are comparable to those produced by lifestyle changes like exercising more, eating more healthily, and losing weight.
The practice shouldn’t replace traditional treatments but can serve as a strong complementary tool.

6. Swerve sad (seasonal affective disorder)

 sad depressed woman with her head down looking through the window - healthy lifestyle

Even in a sunny country like Pakistan, some people suffer from seasonal affective disorder, meaning the cold weather can lead to heightened feelings of depression, lethargy, and irritability.
These feelings may intensify as we’re reluctant to leave our warm homes, and being less active and experiencing less daylight worsens the cycle. So embrace a bit of fresh air and exercise. “Doing a bit of mild exercise outside, like walking the dog, can have a huge impact on your mood,” claims alternative healthcare practitioner Jasmine Zahir.
Sunlight and fresh air can have amazing benefits for your health and well-being, boosting levels of vitamin D and serotonin, and helping you to de-stress and unwind.

Being in nature has also been proven to reduce stress levels, so even if you’re a city dweller, make the effort to get outdoors and explore. Spend time outside – you might be surprised by just how good you feel afterward.

7. Fountain of youth

grandmother babysitting children fountain of youth - healthy lifestyle

Grandchildren may contribute to longevity. Recent research has found that those who babysat grandkids on a regular basis had a 37% lower risk of dying during the 20-year study period. Experts credit the emotional lift and physical activity as factors, along with the deep sense of purpose it provides.

5. Make winters fun

winter fun young woman enjoying snow - healthy lifestyle

Don’t give in to feelings of dreariness as colder nights draw in. Instead, cherish time at home and make a quiet night in cozy and full of health-giving benefits.
Take time to freshen up the house, put out some soft rugs and cushions, and create a perfect nest. Make yourself a warm drink and invite a friend over for a chat.
Perhaps you could find a new recipe and bake some healthy treats for the week ahead? “Home time is reinvigorating,” says Jasmine. “It should help reset your emotions, leaving you feeling calm.”

9. Quick fixes for health glitches

Growing Tummy – Drink a glass of water, as a noisy tummy is not only a sign you’re hungry but thirsty, too.
Twitching Eye – Step away from reading anything for a full 20 minutes. Devices cause eye fatigue, which is why this tends to happen at the end of the day.
Cracking Joints – You may need to increase activity levels, according to personal trainer Mantahaa Masooq. “The more you move, the more lubricated and less stiff joints are and, after a few weeks of consistent exercise, you may see a big improvement.”

For any ongoing health concerns, see your General Physician.


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