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Everything You Need to Know About Apetamin Weight Gain Syrup

Apetamin is a trend these days. The multi-vitamin weight syrup helps invigorates your appetite, which enables you to eat more. The weight gain syrup helps slow down your body metabolism which helps to intake more calories and carbohydrates. When combined with a good exercise regime, it can help you gain weight within no time.

Apetamin overall score on eBay is 4.7 which is best. Recommended by 97% customers, the value of the product score is 96% and the quality of the product rated 97% as well. There are many other sources of reviews that we suggest to see before purchasing this item. As it may not work for you expectedly.

Here are a few questions that everybody has in their mind when it comes to purchasing this fast weight gaining syrup.

What is Apetamin?

Apetamin is a vitamin syrup or appetite stimulator which helps you eat more, resulting in gaining weight within a short period of time, that’s the only thing this weight gain syrup actually does.

What vitamins Apetamin contains?

Apetamin is the combination of three active ingredients.

Cyproheptadine – It is also known as Antihistamine which belongs to oral drug class commonly used for treating allergic reactions such as Itchy eyes, urticaria, and sneezing. It also increases appetite and helps gain weight in people who don’t eat enough and are too slim.

Lysine – It is another active ingredient in Apetamin weight gain syrup which is an essential amino acid and provides key nutrients to body. It improves immune system and boost your energy levels.

Vitamins – There are many minerals and vitamins that are designed to boost metabolism in body, Apetamin syrup is rich in Vitamin B-12 and Vitamin B-6.

Vitamin B – Vitamin B plays an essential role in energy metabolism in the body, also known as Thiamine and it is a key source of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Dairy products, eggs, seafood and some fruits such as bananas, apples, and grapes are natural sources of Vitamin B. Vitamin B-6 also help the body metabolize proteins.

What is Apetamin syrup used for?

I already explained the basic function of each active ingredient in Apetamin syrup above. When all ingredients are combined they form a liquid appetite stimulator which helps improve the way you eat. If you are suffering from severe eating disorders apetamin syrup is your best call.

What are side effects of Apetamin syrup?

Since it contains, Cyproheptadine it may cause laziness, drowsiness, sleepiness, constipation, dry mouth and blurred vision. However, these effects are temporary and your body will get used to it after a couple of times you started taking this drug/syrup.

It is wise to take apetamin when you are off to work for the first time, weekends are good as it will make you sleep and eat more. Eating is cool after all this is what it does and it is the only reason you are taking this syrup. Regular snacking can help overcome hunger issue.

I am a male, Apetamin is good for me?

Absolutely yes! If you are looking to gain weight naturally, apetamin is your call regardless of gender. Besides this, it is also good for children.

How long I should take Apetamin?

It is recommended to take Apetamin syrup three times a day before a meal. One 200ml bottle lasts about one week. One bottle is sufficient to see how your body would react and what changes does it make. If you are satisfied with the results order/take more until you gain the desired weight.

Does Apetamin slow metabolism?

It may not slow down your body metabolism completely, apetamin syrup only allows to add fat and build your muscles with proper diet and exercise. Relying on syrup entirely won’t help you gain the desired weight.

Does Apetamin enlarge breasts?

woman body shape exercise, curves, booty, workout, woman workout

Breasts are made from breast and fat tissues when you gain weight this affects your entire body including breasts, thighs, and butts. When you lose weight you may notice body shrink. Basically, it does increase breast size, hips and adds fat to thighs. Again, in order to maintain a classy physique, you need to have a proper diet as well as regular exercise otherwise you’ll end up with unusual body shape.

Apetamin pills VS syrup, any difference?

Both products job is to improve your appetite and help you gain weight faster, naturally. However, due to the liquid nature of syrup, it works better and faster as liquids absorb quickly than solids.

I am pregnant, is it safe for me?

According to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), apetamin is safe for a woman to take during pregnancy. However, it should not be ruled out completely, consulting with your doctor will help avoid serious damage.

What is the color of Apetamin and How it tastes like?

apetamin original weight gain syrup
Original Apetamin weight gain syrup figure 1

In order to avoid fake purchases, Apetamin comes with an orange packaging, if you purchased a product that doesn’t have this same packaging figure.1. Kindly do not consume it, as you may do not know what are you putting in your body.

Apetamin tastes like a cough syrup more like Coferb or Nature’s Way Umcka cough syrup but not sure it is the combination of either both or none or just one. But it doesn’t taste bad, you will be fine with it trust me. What is the inside bottle, it is an orange colored liquid syrup. Basically, Apetamin syrup tastes like cough syrup and has an orange color.

What is the price and where to buy?

Apetamin has different pricing, if you are located in Africa it will be a lot cheaper than rest of the world since the product is originated from Africa, but if you are located in America, UK or any other European country the price would be around $15 USD to $25 USD. The product is available on local departmental stores and at many online health and beauty shops.

Wrapping up

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