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Loreal Paris Launches Smartbond Hair Care System

Loreal Professionnel presents Smartbond kit, the multi-benefit system that protects your hair while coloring or straightening.

The Indian woman Of today loves to experiment with her looks by coloring or straightening her hair but often fears hair damage. To this confident, new-age woman.
We say “Fear Not” as Loreal Paris brings to you a breakthrough bond reconstructing system Smartbond, a system of products that protects the bands in the hair fiber from the inside and keeps it healthy and shiny from the outside.

How Smartbond kit works?

1. Additive – It acts to fight from within the hair fiber and protects the hair bonds.
To be added in color or pre-lightener mix or use after a straightening cream.
It fights and prevents both the strong and weak bonds in the hair fiber from excessive stress.
It also protects the essential amino acids from leaving the hair fiber, preserves the protein matter in the fiber and protects the integrity of the cortex.

2. Pre-shampoo – It acts to treat hair fiber.
To be applied on hair after rinsing color or pre-lightener or straightening. It cleanses, conditions and treats the hair fiber from all the bad ions left after technical services. This is the most essential second step after the action of Step 1. It enhances the action of Step I in protecting the integrity of the cortex.

What are the combined action results?

  1. Less prone to breakage.
  2. More resistant to brushing and less fragile.
  3. Hair is supple and shiny.
  4. More hydrated and better cared for.
  5. Hair fiber has added softness.

Is Smartbond kit is smart enough?

This is one of the smartest bond reconstructing systems, Smartbond adapts to you in the following ways:

  • No change in technical protocol.
  • Does not need to increase oxidant.
  • No change in mixing ratio of color.
  • No change in development time.
  • Does not impact on the lift.

How to use It?

Smartbond kit can be used in 2 ways:

  1. As an addition at the time of coloring or straightening.
  2. As a stand-alone treatment after coloring or straightening service.

Loreal Paris Smarbond kit is suitable for Damaged Hair, Sensitized Hair, Dull hair, Coloured, Highlighted, and Bleached. The kit also comes with a conditioner which you can apply at home.
It strengthens hair fiber and allows you to achieve outstanding salon result at home by using once a week for 1-3 minutes.

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