Things to do in Nathiagali

Nathiagali is one of the best tourist destination for Pakistani and International tourists in Galyat. The amazing hill station or tourist resort is located in Hazara region, District Abbottabad, KPK. Nathiagali is best known for hiking, deep forests, breathtaking views and extremely pleasant weather.

Travel Route

islamabad to nathiagali via kashmir road
Islamabad To Nathiagali Via Kashmir Road
hassanabdal to nathiagali via motorway
Hassan Abdal To Nathiagali Via Motorway

There are two routes to reach Nathiagali, depending on your convenience and weather conditions take any route you like.

  1. For tourists coming from Rawalpindi/Islamabad it’s easy to travel via Muree road as it is the fastest route and usually takes 2 to 2.5 hours to reach Nathiagali.
  2. On the other hand tourists using motorway route should use Hassan abdal route via N35 to reach tourist resort but keep in mind this route will take longer than muree road route. Due to traffic and weather conditions we cannot estimate how much time it can take to to get there, but approximately 3-4 hours.

Tourist sites in Nathiagali

Nathiagali is not only a tourist destination for local families, honeymooners, group of friends and study tours but it is also a great attraction for International tourists. We compiled of list of things to do in Nathiagali and we hope this would help accomplish the necessity of visiting such a beautiful place.


miranjani nathigali winters
Miranjani Nathigali in Winters

The peak is about 3-4 hours away on walking/horse riding distance from Nathia gali bazar. The track’s total length is around 4+ KMs and a net elevation of around 600 meters. Most of the path is springy dirt with small patches of rocks, thus with a little effort it is very easy to navigate.

For an intermediate to expert trekkers it will take about 2 hour 30 minutes to 3 hours. Make sure to bring water, hiking boots, stick, snacks and juices. From the top you can also see Nathia Gali, Mushkpuri Top and Azad Kashmir. If you’re crazy don’t dare trekking, it’s gonna kill you. ????

Mushkpuri Top

Mukshpuri Top Nathiagali
Mukshpuri Top Nathiagali

Mukeshpuri also known as Mushkpuri is shrouded with woodlands and orchids of green alpine native trees that include maple, oak and pine. It is located at 4KMs distance from Nathia gali and 4KMs distance from Dunga Gali, both distances are equal but Dunga gali route takes less time, you can easily march on feet to reach the top or take a horse ride. Horse ride facility is available in Nathiagali.

On the way to Mushkpuri top you will see Shangrila hotel and lalazar a wildlife park. This immense peak has a variety of hiking trails and panoramic views. Ideal to visit both in summer and winters.

Ayubia National Park

Ayubia Pipeline Track
Ayubia Pipeline Track/Ayubia National Park

National park is located few kilometers away from Nathiagali. The park was named after President Ayub Khan. The park majorly consists of forest, wildlife animals and covered with pine trees.

The pipline track starts from Dunga Gali all the way to Nathia Gali which covers about 4KMs area. The park is home to many wildlife species, especially black bear and leopard along with others. So be careful when you are walking on track.

Ayubia Chair Lift

Ayubia Chair Lift
Ayubia Chair Lift

The chair lift was first time installed in 1960’s and contains 55 two seater units. The lift is manually operated and attracts tourists of all ages from across the country. The chair lift is spread over 1.5KMs area.

However, Ayubia chair lift is not maintained regularly and is no longer safe and in a good condition. If you want to have more thrilled experience, we recommend checking out Patriata Chair Lift in Muree.

There are many other attractions in Nathiagali but these were major one’s. Dunga Gali Water Tanks, Topa khan, Dayar Sari, Bakot Waterfall and Neelum View Point are some additional places you might want to visit.

Donga Gali Water Tanks
Dunga Gali Water Tanks Supplying Water to Muree

Governor House Nathiagali – According to Government of KPK, Governor house in Nathiagali is open for public and can be rented out at the price of 7 Stars Hotel. Source The News

Green Spot – Another charming destination in Nathia Gali is Green Spot which is located at Pakistan Air Force Base, Kalabagh and only available for families. If you’re single die. ????

Paradise Point – It is located near Nathia Gali’s ST Mathews Church and Park. Where you can see top peaks of NathiaGali and and other surrounding areas. Besides this it is a nice addon to visit 10 decades old Church totally made of wood.

Hotels in Nathiagali

Once you landed in Nathiagali it’s time to enjoy nature as well as settle down, eat, go fresh and take rest somewhere. We prepared a list of best hotels to stay and eat your favorite food at the following hotels and restaurants.

Elites Hotel

Hotel Elites is located at the beginning of Nathia Gali when travelling from Abbottabad and on 3 minutes drive from main bazar when travelling via Murree route, hotel has variety of rooms from small, medium to large sizes. The view is great, menu has nearly all continental and Pakistani foods. The prices of food and accommodation are a bit too heavy, if the money is not an issue a recommended place to stay.

Phone Number: (0992) 355045

Afaq Hotel

The hotel is located in the main bazar. All kind of rooms are available, prices are affordable since it is located in the bazar parking could be an issue sometimes but it is hotel management responsibility to take care of tourist’s vehicles. Rooms are clean and staff is cooperative, food is also good.

Phone Number: (0992) 355280

Amore Hotel

Hotel Amore is located at Dunga Gali and is another cool addition to best hotels in Nathiagali. The hotel front view is great, rooms are clean and have variety of rooms available for rent at affordable prices. However, you might face lack of heating system in winters and this is the major issue in all hotels in Nathia Gali you can avail another heater for additional price.

Phone Number: (0992) 355101

Green Retreat Hotel and Restaurant

This Green Retreat Hotel offers all kind of amenities and has variety of food options available in their menu such as Pakistani, Continental and Chinese, Italian, Breakfast and others. The building has vintage and classy finish and constructed in the British era. Green Retreat hotel is located at the top of the tallest peak in the region of Galyat, “Miranjani” surrounded with enchanting natural environment.

Green Retreat can also arrange BBQ and musical nights upon request.

Phone Number: (0992) 355261

Mukshpuri Hotel

The hotel is located at Dunga Gali also called Pinzaz Hotel, the hotel is suitable for families vacation, business trips, conferences and seminars. Mukshpuri Hotel provides clean and calm atmosphere. Food is also available on request. Rooms are clean and staff is excellent.

Phone Number: 0300 9555549

There are many other great hotels in Nathiagali as soon as we experienced their service we will update the list.

Important Phone Numbers

Your safe and healthy tour is as much as important to us as it is to you. Here is the complete list SOS phone numbers that you can utilize in case of emergency. Have a safe and sound journey!

Police Station Nathiagali+92 (992) 355320
Governor House+92 (992) 355335
Frontier House+92 (992) 355388
Galliat Development Auhtority +92 (992) 355309
PAF Exchange+92 (992) 355115
Cantonment Office Kalabagh+92 (992) 355305
Forest Office Kalabagh+92 (992) 355155



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